Thursday, 19 September 2013

Parent Education for Teaching Learner Drivers

I read an interesting article today that describes how parents of learner drivers in Port Macquarie, Australia have been invited to a free workshop to help them when taking to the road with a learner driver.

Parents in the UK and other parts of the World tend to get in the car with their son or daughter when they're learning to drive to supplement training when they're not off out with an instructor.

But let's face facts - getting into a car with a relatively inexperienced learner driver can probably be pretty daunting (and not just a little scary).

What this workshop aims to do is educate parents and help them to "plan and deliver driving sessions and allowed them to share experiences with other parents and supervisors", said a spokesperson for the NSW Centre For Road Safety in Australia.

They went on to say that they want to use the course to reinforce the important role that families can have in providing on-going support for young drivers from an early age.

Would parents benefit from a similar workshop here in the UK? More importantly - would they attend if it meant making their son or daughter a better, safer driver in the long-run?

Here at iKube we believe that anything that reinforces road safety and reduces the number of accidents on the road can only be a good thing – if done in the right way.

iKube’s black box device records on how the car is being driven and its location – which can be very helpful for parents who want to help their young driver improve how they drive.

We provide online feedback via our dashboard and TomTom’s own software – which we encourage both young driver policyholders and their parents to monitor as it delivers an excellent level of feedback.