Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Wintery Weather Warning On Driving Dangers

Recent statistics show that over 6,200 reported road accidents occured as a result of ice and snow last winter alone.

As a result we want to remind young drivers of the dangers of driving during the winter months.

In-spite of the fact that snow flurries and severe icy conditions are yet to hit, now is the perfect time to start preparing your car for the wintery weather.

 - Have the right equipment - including battery jumper cables, first-aid kit, spare warm clothing, etc. For more information check out this article: top 10 things to carry in your car during winter.

 - Carry out a check of your car at the start of winter - checking for oil levels, antifreeze, air filter, etc.

 - Defrost your car thoroughly before setting off on an icy day to ensure your windows and mirrors are clear of any ice.

 - Ensure your headlights are in working order. Winter days get darker far earlier than any other time of the year and with thick snow or rain showers it's essential that your vehicle's lights are in good working order.

 - Check your car's battery - checking to ensure the top of your battery is clean, dry and it's terminals are tight and free of corrosion are all important.

 - Drive carefully in strong winds since they can be quite unsettling or even (in extreme cases) move the car around. On a road with other motorists and road users you need to be more aware or others - especially when around larger vehicles such as lorries and trucks.

 - Be cautious when driving in icy or snowy conditions - the best advice is not to risk driving if you don't need to, however, if you do find yourself in this situation you should drive at a reduced speed to help prevent skidding. You should also leave yourself plenty of stopping room in case you need to brake.

 - If you get stuck whilst driving in snow then we recommend clearing the snow from the car's wheels and put a sack or old rug in front of the driving wheels to give your tyres more grip. Once moving it's recommended that you try not to stop until you reach firm ground.

Source: http://uk.cars.yahoo.com/news/warning-winter-driving-dangers-110500264.html